Our History:

“We are a company who has been engaged in Car Detailing System since  year 2000. Considering the immense potential of the automobile industry in India, we had already taken a few strides in this direction way back in the year, 2000. The Founders has been professionally trained in the U.S.A from the company named Automotive International to carry out the detailing works. Presently, we are the No. 1 distributors of a well known International brand for approximately two decades dealing in car detailing business in the country detailing treatments are associated with Beautification, Protection & Value Addition of the cars.

We are presently carrying out the works from the base of more than 36 dealerships across North India. Backed by highly skilled and professional teams, we are doing more than 50000-60000 (approx) car-detailing treatments per year. In 2008, we tied up with a USA-based company brand, “SliME” as the sole distributor for pan India. SliME is a pioneer in Flat Tire Prevention and Repair, and the company is a global leader in this field and is sold from more 75 countries. With Slime, in India, we have already taken approvals from 2 OEM’s i.e. Honda Cars India and Yamaha India for the same. Currently, SliME is being sold from more than 450 dealer locations in India.”

Our Product:

Bac-Proof offers an extensive array of the best quality of health hygiene products to fulfil customer’s cleaning requirements. Our entire product range of surface sanitizers, whether it’s alcohol-based or water-based, all are manufactured with a patented formula that enables products to last their antimicrobial protection properties for a long-duration. Our stringent policies and practices ensure that Bac-Proof products do what they are meant for… so that you can use them without any doubt.

Being a hygiene expert, we manufacture and supply surface hygiene products that are known for bestowing a simple way to immediately achieve standards of surface hygiene to offer protection from unwanted infections. Our ready-to-use surface sanitizing sprays quickly clean the surfaces with its powerful sanitizing properties. It not only ensures killing of 99.99% of  Microbial on the applied surface, also continues to endow surfeit residual protection properties for a long duration of time.

We provide a revolutionary bactericidal cleaning solution that’s powerful, gentle, and yet long lasting. You can use our products anytime and anywhere! If you want to protect yourself to get in direct contact with harmful Germs & Infection, then going with Bac-Proof’s products will never let you down.